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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 23, 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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special photos for her book appearance in ft. bragg today. her sales there are reportedly sluggish. was this a good stop on her book tour? and to eat or not to eat? no dilemma at all for this suspected bank robber when it comes to getting rid of the evidence. good monday, everyone. thank you for choosing msnbc. i'm contessa brewer. we start with breaking news coming to us from south carolina. mark sanford is now facing 37 charges that he broke state laws limiting official use of airplanes and also laws regarding campaign money. the details were released by the state ethics commission. they came five days after a panel there, the state ethics panel, charged the governor but did not offer a lot of details about why they were charging the governor. sanford's lawyer claims the charges involve some very minor technical aspects of this particular law. remember, the lawmakers were hurling accusations at mark sanford that he took more
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expensive seats on overseas planes when state law says that you have to travel the most economic way possible, and that he also used state planes to do personal family functions. he's been under fire here since he disappeared earlier this summer for a number of days, said that he was hiking the appalachian trail. came back and admitted to an extra marital affair with a woman that he called his soulmate. so now 37 charges handed down by the state ethics commission against south carolina governor mark sanford. we'll have more on that within the hour. the big story is the president appears to be moving closer to a strategy decision on afghanistan. the white house is working with nato allies for a coordinated rollout. at 8:00 p.m. tonight, the president sits down with his national security council. richard holbrooke just back from afghanistan describes hamid karzai's inauguration as promising despite the election problems. >> we have been waiting a long time to work with a government
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that -- that was a result of the elections, and whatever one thinks of the elections, they were not perfect and we said from the beginning they wouldn't be perfect. >> we're at the white house. big question here seems to be how many more troops for afghanistan, what will their role be. mike, what are you hearing? >> reporter: answer two questions, we don't know and only the president knows. robert gibbs at this moment is standing at the white house podium. and the first questions were obviously about afghanistan but everyone wants to know okay we're on our ninth meeting here. all the players will be at the table here including general petraeus here personally, general mcchrystal by video phone, ambassador eikenberry, all of these players that have been here for these eight meetings, you heard us talk about it before, 3 hours, 2 1/2 hours in the basement of the west wing n the situation room. when are you going to come up with a decision?
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it still stands at this point that the white house is saying do not expect anything until after the thanksgiving holiday, but there is a suspicion now that they're getting ready to wrap this up, contessa. all we've heard from the president so far is the criticism of the leaks that have come out of these meetings and the idea that there's some sort of compromise that's floated out there, they say, nobody knows what they're talking about until they actually hear it from the president himself. >> and what about the costs of deployment? i mean, as they're weighing what to do, you've got several different estimates on what it will cost. is there any white house reaction? >> well, of course, we've seen david obey today. i know we've been talking about that on msnbc. the chairman of the appropriations in the house saying let's impose a surtax on the wealthy to pay for the war in afghanistan. david obey, a well known and very powerful liberal member of congress. he's been here forever. the trouble is that david obey does not write tax legislation in the house and politically
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this will go over like a lead balloon in the speakers' offices and elsewhere even though it may have some backing within the democratic caucus itself. that's still unclear. the original idea was to shift the savings of costs from iraq, as troops are being withdrawn there, send that money to afghanistan and keep some of that money. but now with this escalation of the number of troops, there is the thought that it might be a wash in the end. >> these estimates go from half a million per service member up to a million per service member. it's not insignificant. big questions on our future in afghanistan. how committed are our european partners in fixing the problems in afghanistan? hamid karzai's talking big on cracking down on corruption. when will we see concrete results on that front? and how will financial costs factor into the president's strategy? was nidal hasan on a terrorist rampage when he was firing at ft. hood.
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struggling whether to label the killings a terrorist attack or an example of murderous may hem. officials have intercepted e-mails from hasan and a radical muslim cleric. now senator carl levin says he believes the massacre was an act of trifl. today a military panel investigating the shooting held its first meeting. chief pentagon correspondent jim miklaszewski joins me with the details. the president had asked the lawmakers to hold off on these panel investigations until the military and the civilian authorities completed theirs. are they coinciding investigations at this point? >> one of those investigations is supposed to come to a head a week from today, which is pretty quickly. and that's the directive from president obama to intelligence agents to scrub all the information they have. to discover what kind of communications were there between nidal hasan and a radical cleric with alleged ties to al qaeda.
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and should these intelligence terrorist agencies have put the -- connected the dots as we're used to hearing from the 9/11 commission hearings, to determine that perhaps nidal hasan was a threat and should have been headed off. now, in addition to that, the pentagon and militaries, the army, are conducting their own investigation to figure out exactly who knew what about nidal hasan, some of his more radical communications regarding islam. and what should they have done about it? was that information passed up the chain of command and were opportunities missed there to head off the attacks that occurred on november 5th if i could add one more thing, a follow-up to the discussion about afghanistan, senior military officials are describing tonight's meeting at the white house as, quote, a decisional meeting. that they expect president obama to make the kind of decisions
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tonight that he's going -- or at least share those decisions with his leadership, that he's going to have to announce next week because they say, after all, it will probably be a five to seven-day process before informing the allies and informing the necessary government agencies to take the kind of steps before president obama makes his decision public. so they're thinking there's going to be some decisions tonight, contessa. >> jim, i know you're plugged in with the pentagon sources there. thank you for keeping us in the loop. >> you bet. senate democrats are one step closer to passing health care reform as the bill moves through with a fierce debate. senator mary landrielandrieu's million for the poor in louisiana. and ron wyden's amendment to get free access to those health exchanges. and to keep antitrust law protection for the insurance
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industry. linda douglas is the communications director for the white house office of law reform. to get these senators on board, you're giving away what really makes this reform? this whole antitrust exemption for insurance company, how does that make good economic sense? >> well, you know, the senate and the house a talked about having hearings of this concern. look, contest is a, what we're having here is a process in which senators' concerns are being listened to. most of those are absolutely legitimate. the senators that expressed concerns when they decided to vote to move this forward once again as part of this momentum that is clearly developing, as they said, look, our constituents need to have their prices lowered, they need to be protected against insurance company rules that discriminate against them. they need to be able to change jobs and not worry that they're not going to be able to get health insurance because their
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child has asthma and their child think it's a pre-existing condition. all of the senators who have expressed concerns have all said very clearly we have to do this. our constituents need this kind of relief. >> this was only standing up and saying, yes, let's put it on the floor for debate. this was not a vote for actual health care reform and overhaul. although, you have some democratic senators now saying, look, we're going to get it done and even if the republicans don't join us. i want to play what senator john mccain of arizona had to say about the bill as it stands now. >> i don't think americans really understand the scam that's going on here. i think bernie madoff went to jail for this kind of behavior. >> i mean, those are some really strong words. and that's the kind of perception the democratic proponents of this legislation are battling. how do you overcome that? >> well, i don't think that the average american is thinking about -- i don't know exactly
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what senator mccain was talking about there. >> they know what bernie madoff's scam was. >> but i don't even know again what senator mccain is talking about. what we have here is a measure which has been shown, to, first of all, reduce the deficit. it is going to lower costs, it will lower premiums. there have been several analyses that your premiums would go down. it would protect you from the insurance companies who are trying to keep you having health insurance if you get sick. it will make it possible for you to always know that there's going to be some affordable option for you out there if you change jobs or lose jobs or simply move to another state. that is what is in this bill. so i don't know exactly what senator mccain was talking about, but that's the kind of protection that the american people are seeking. >> like we said, there is more work to go on health care reform in the senate before it comes to a final vote there on the floor. linda douglass, good to see you on this rainy monday there at the white house. appreciate that. if the recession is over, where are the jobs? economists expect employers to
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begin adding jobs about march of next year according to a new survey. the white house and congressional democrats are at odds over the best way to stimulate job growth now. one stimulus program that appears to be working, that $8,000 first time home buyer credit. the national association of realtors reports existing home sales rose 10% in october. that's the highest pace in more than two years, thanks to those buyers who wanted to take advantage of that tax break. and a quick check now of the dow jones industrials. we're having a good day across the board. dow up 118. the s&p has risen 13 and the nasdaq is up 26. busiest shopping day of the year. time for retailers to get their books in order. but economic turmoil could cast a dark cloud over black friday this year. jane wells is here with a preshopping preview. what's it going to be, a glass half full or glass half empty there, jane? >> i depends who is looking at it, because we're getting both sorts of indications today.
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there's been a lot of emphasis on black friday this year because in a last few weeks it's been a little slow at the shopping malls and retail stores even though the sales are already in place. they expect 3% more people in stores friday than last year. 77 million americans in stores on friday. that's one in four of us. however, others are saying not so fast. this last weekend, there was increased traffic at shopping malls. maybe people were trying to beat the crush. now standard & poor's is actually say theg think the entire holiday will be weaker than a year ago. they're making a very drastic forecast predicting that general merchandise sales will be down 10 to 15% from a year ago. the prices are so low, that you would expect the top line for revenues to come under unless they can sell a lot more stuff. we just don't know how much the consumers going to be willing to spend. >> we're going to keep our eye on it, jane. thank you. a group of michigan moms do what lawmakers couldn't.
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well, the numbers are in and they're depressing. the united states is borrowing a trillion dollars a year and some of its short-term loans are coming due in the next few months. the president has promised to focus more attention on the $12
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trillion national debt. but come on, it's not just the feds. at the state level, legislatures are battling big bills, slumping revenue and constitutional requirements to balance their budgets. maybe they should employ moms. let's get real. in michigan a detroit free press columnist convened the mom's kitchen cabinet to tackle the state's big money crunch. the goal here, they diplomat want to see any cuts to education, no tax hikes and they wanted a balanced budget. and they did it. at least on paper. kathy jones carson was involved in the brainstorming. she's a lawyer, a small business consultant. good to see you today. >> good to see you too, conte a contessa. >> how did you manage to save more than a billion dollars and still at least on paper, balance your state's budget? >> well, under rochelle's guidance, we had to get pretty creative. once we understood the many limitations that the governor and the state legislature have
2:18 pm
to work under. but it took us a while because we took an approach that would, you know, cut areas that would have been devastating in the end or absolutely prohibited on our initial effort. >> for instance, the michigan state budget now calls for more than $163 million in education cuts. you guys went to the different appropriations. you cut medicaid by $439 million. you ended the state fair, that saved $7 million. you would close five prisons and six prison camps. that would save $190 million. was there discussion about what you would do with the prisoners? >> well, the prisoners, most of them would be coming out on parole, and so in order to also save jobs, what we were recommending is that the
2:19 pm
security personnel in the prisons be cross trained to become parole officers. and provide probation services. we understood that that would cost some money. so that was deducted from the total savings that we initially saw. and still we were able to come out with a significant savings. >> and you also came up with some ideas about ways the state could make money in the future. which for a state like michigan that had relied on the auto industry for so long, became very important. i want to run through some of those. you say you could run urban farms so that newly homeless or unemployed people could work there. create call centers. make it a tourist destination. open a theme park with cheaper tickets than what you get if you have to drive to cedar point. and embrace michigan sports. all great ideas. is the bottom line here, if lawmakers are facing tough decisions, have got to get creative? >> absolutely. we think you get locked into,
2:20 pm
you know, the lobbyists' interests, but there aren't really brainstorming sessions in terms of being creative and looking for new areas of revenue on as big a scale as the state. >> listen, kathy, if you find out that the state lawmakers take some of your recommendations into prang, we want to hear from you again. >> absolutely. >> we'd like to hear from you at home as well. your real stories behind the big headlines that we're following. you can get me contessa brewer on or an facebook/contessa. palin palooza pulls into ft. bragg today. you would think this would be a good audience for her. but why are her sales numbers here slumping? you could say this thief was trying to take a bite out of crime. wait till we explain what was happening here. ah, fresh.
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police dash camera video captures all sorts of criminal antics but this could be a first. cleveland, ohio, police will an alleged bank robbery in cust toddy and were in the middle of handcuffing him when he chomped down on a piece of paper that was in his pocket. turns out that paper just might have been real evidence in the case. they believe it was the ransom note he allegedly used to rob the bank. well, cops also found cash in a bag in the man's car, a car that fits the description of the alleged robber's vehicle. so they have something to go on. plus, the videotape doesn't lie. sarah palin may be selling a slew of books nationally, but her sales at ft. bragg have been slow. maybe that's because the military brass have already laid down the law. palin's not giving speeches, she's not posing for pictures or personalizing her notes in the
2:25 pm
books that she signs at ft. bragg today. the army didn't want palin grandstanding against the commander in chief, so they made the rules to keep conservative enthusiasm in check. and perhaps that is keeping the sales and the crowds in check, too. let's get a sense from ft. bragg. how are the crowds looking? >> contessa, the tour bus, palin's tour bus just pulled out of here five minutes ago. this after three hours of book signing. the crowd is estimated to be more than 1,000 people and this entire post exchange was set for three hours. many trying to get a glimpse and a capture of sarah palin while she was here today. now, this has been a very popular book. it sold more than 300,000 copies the first day. she's been on a media blitz, a media tour ever since it was released. last week she was on the oprah winfrey show.
2:26 pm
and just to give you an idea how popular that show was, that show itself pulled in the best ratings in more than two years. now, she's on -- this is one of 31 stops in 25 states. this is on a book tour that's very much more small town oriented, less nonurban. it's very much geared towards the republican-friendly areas. outside of the political realm, that seems to make good business sense because, in these areas, there's going to be a better reception. that will certainly help book sales as well. i can tell you, this crowd today was very, very diverse. a lot of people from different races, ages, all coming to see palin and wanting to get a glimpse of who this lady is that says that she's going rogue. >> she's probably praying for an easier time of it on her other stops, and speaking of that, i hear she got a little help on the prayer front? >> she did, contessa, before she came here, she was in asheville, north carolina, last night. it was reported that she met with reverend billy gram last
2:27 pm
night. they had a prayer and dinner as well. the reverend today released a statement saying he was impressed with her commitment to family, faith and also commitment to the country as well. >> all right. thanks for staying on top of it. sarah palin blows hot and cold on her plans for 2012. but "saturday night live" is not mincing words. check out its parody, a movie trailer for palin 2012. >> good evening from capitol hill. what a day this has been. the nation has a new president. >> sarah palin! >> as for my running mate, it was an honor to stand beside a true american hero. >> i'm sorry. i'm just a guy who cares an awful lot about my country. >> holy --
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so you can feel better. abortion is becoming an important sticking point on the debate over health care reform. a roman catholic bishop in providence, rhode island, is defending his decision to ask congressman patrick kennedy to stop receiving communion. the bishop says that kennedy has been a well known supporter of abortion rights and the bishop, thomas tobin, also accused kennedy of distorting the facts. >> he also made some comments that i think were inaccurate and misleading for people. for example, the fact that i had instructed all my pastors not to give him holy communion which, of course rg is patently false. i have no idea where he came up with that little piece of fiction. >> the dispute highlights the church's more aggressive stand with politicians who go against its doctrine.
2:32 pm
michelle covers religion for the wp. . good to see you today. >> thank you. >> what role are christian leaders taking in this battle over health care reform and how important is abortion in this battle? >> well, i think you mentioned what's going on with patrick kennedy. from my point of view, it looks like there's a confluence of things that are putting the catholic bishops in the spotlight. i don't know if it's conventional wisdom that they're being more aggressive is true, but this thing with patrick kennedy and the health care stuff and here in washington, we have an issue with a same-sex marriage bill and the catholic church being very active in that. it's a confluence of thing that are putting them in a sort of a spotlight. what will be interesting to us that cover them is to see what they'll do with this, whether you'll see the whole diversity of opinions among the bishops. they were meeting in baltimore last week and you hear some bishops that talk about health care. first thing they talk about are these life issues.
2:33 pm
some don't mention it because the bishops have long been advocate of comprehensive health care. it will be interesting to see now that the health care stuff goes to the senate if there's a different prominence for the catholic bishops. there's a little bit of a different dynamic in the senate. they may not be as visible. so it will be interesting to see basically how they handle all this kind of visibility that they're getting right now through all these different issues. >> here's part of the catholic bishop's letter to the senate. quote, we believe legislation that violates this moral principle is not true health care reform and must be amended to reflect it. if that fails, the current legislation should be opposed." the interesting thing is to watch how organized religion is organizing to defeat what it sees as moral sins. we saw it happen just in maine back a couple weeks ago with the gay marriage issue. it seems especially with the catholic church that organizing
2:34 pm
is becoming a powerful lobbying tool. >> right. well, i think the catholic church is probably behind some other parts of organized religion in terms of using these kinds of lobbying efforts and advertising campaigns. they were just telling me that gearing up for the health care fight, they did their largest outreach ever, the bishops, this year, and that was when the president was elected, they issued millions -- tens of mls of post cards on abortion at the beginning of the year, not specifically about health care but the freedom of choice act. they're still using some kind of old fashioned -- i wouldn't say that they're on the very cutting edge of lobbying and that kind of thing, which is interesting. they've still have the same lobbyists they've had for decades. but i think that you are seeing -- i was saying diversity among the bishops. people who are choosing to make themselves public figures like the bishop in rhode island, the
2:35 pm
bishop, some of the other bishops who have chosen to be very prominent about this. quietly you hear some bishops, they really -- they're so committed to health care passing, they're just not as focused on the life issue. >> that's the other side of this debate that there's been a lot of debate on the part of catholic groups that are pushing for health care reform. but it does seem like this abortion thing becomes a big sticking point. thanks so much for your time today. appreciate that. >> thank you. >> there's no concern for a cluster of drug resistant cases of h1n1. health officials say four patients at duke university medical center in north carolina tested positive for a type of swine flu that did not respond to tamiflu, which is one of two antiviral drugs that the h1n1 virus is vulnerable to. chief science correspondent robert bazell joins me now. is this a strain that has mut e mutated past being vulnerable to
2:36 pm
h1n1? >> this is a swine flu that we've been dealing with since april, this is the same strain, the one mutation that makes it not treatable with tamiflu which is the drug that's used most often to treat severe cases. the fact that there were these four cases in north carolina is not terribly significant at the moment. there have been other cases like this around the world. close to 50 of them that are known because there's such intense surveillance of this virus to see how it could possibly make it more dangerous. the big question is whether this will spread, and there's no indication that these four cases spread beyond the intensive care unit of duke university. so i don't think this is a big health issue to be concerned about at this time. >> so we have four people at duke that appear to have -- i mean, do they think that that is a person-to-person virus? like you were saying if you have people that are close and they all have this same strain of mutated virus, wouldn't that lead you to think that, yes, it
2:37 pm
jumped from patient to patient. >> it may have jumped from patient to patient in that intensive care ward but there's no evidence that it's spreading to the community. >> an astronaut aboard the shuttle "atlantis" has more than one reason to celebrate. that's really over the moon. his wife gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend. while he was on his first ever spacewalk. adam bresnik is only the second astronaut to become a dad while in orbit. he's out walking in space again today as the astronauts complete their third and final space walk. i guess that's not the kind of thing that you say, i would really love to go, but my wife's going to have a baby. i can't go. probably doesn't work in that case. now thanksgiving just three days away. this year more than 38 million americans are expected to travel by car for the holiday weekend. another 2.3 million will get on a plane. question is, is the weather going to cooperate? let's go to adam burr with the weather channel. how are we looking? >> hey there, contessa,
2:38 pm
everybody at home, we're going to be looking a little rough across the great lakes region. most of the country looking pretty smooth. but area of low pressure really getting its act together. on the southern and eastern side of this, a few showers, a few thunderstorms building. nothing too crazy on wednesday. but we'll begin to pull in some of this cold air. that wind will start picking up as well. a few issues on wednesday. notice the temperatures into the 30s. by the time we get into thanksgiving day, some of that colder air really starts pushing southbound. rain changing to snow for places like chicago, maybe looking aaccumulating snow. we'll have to watch it pretty closely. then some light shourts pushing into parts of new england, the mid-atlantic states. as far as the really nasty weather goes, most of the country looking pretty good. this is something that will be watching pretty closely. as we go to the wednesday/thursday transition, we could be looking at slick spots on the road there. that's clearly an area that we're going to be watching. most of the rest of the country,
2:39 pm
looking pretty good. >> the big thanksgiving parade happens down manhattan's big avenue, down broadway there, so we're talking about raining on the parade? >> it looks like some showers are working in, but you know how the weather goes, we want folks to keep checking in here. we'll hone that forecast. that moisture should be moving east. temperatures shouldn't be that chilly in new york city. maybe fighting a few rain showers, but the temps may be our friend this time around. >> adam, thank you. up next, the doctor into the center of the investigation of michael jackson's death is back at work. he's treating patients. we'll tell you what conrad murray says about that case. jennifer lopez takes a nasty fall performing at the american music awards. this is a honda pilot. and this is the chevy traverse. it has more cargo space than pilot. including the most space behind the third row. and traverse beats honda on highway gas mileage too.
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2:43 pm
office hours at a houston clinic, although murray lives in las vegas, his attorney says he felt compelled to return to his practice there in houston. he felt he owed it to his acres homes patients to resume his practice. acres homes has the highest rate of heart disease in the city and the people there have apparently stood by conrad murray. nbc's jeff rosin has been covering the investigation into michael jackson's death. he wasn't inhibited by this investigation. >> no. he hasn't been charged. his license hasn't been pulled. he's allowed to practice medicine. conrad murray has had so many problems financially that he now says he needs to make this money in order to pay back child support. a couple of weeks ago he was in court in las vegas because he hasn't paid his ex-wife child support for at least one of his seven children. he needs this money. he says he hasn't been able to practice. he'll get back to it now. he saw 15 patients friday, seeing about 6 or 7 patients today there in houston. he has clinics in houston and in las vegas.
2:44 pm
he'll be bouncing between the two. but houston, in that area, it's a low income clinic. he felt he wanted to get back there first to serve his low income patients. we should mention that nbc news has confirmed from the lapd that the criminal investigation into whether they'll actually arrest and charge him with manslaughter or some other crime related to the death of michael jackson will stretch into 2010. if you're expecting dr. murray in handcuffs or to walk free some time before the holidays, he won't get it. >> there were all these doctors who expressed outrage publicly that cob rad murray was in michael jackson's home administering prop pa thal, this thetic to help michael jackson sleep. it should never be used out of the operating theater. >> it should only be used in the hospital. why isn't there some sort of medical investigation? >> there are, there are medical investigations going on. and that would sort of
2:45 pm
accumulate to malpractice. those investigations aren't finished. they're probably dovetailing. just before we go, it is interesting to hear from the person themselves. dr. conrad murray had a speech to the congre congratulations of his church this weekend. come ras were there. take a listen to dr. murray himself. >> it appears as if i was at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> wrong place, wrong time. >> wrong place, wrong time. he was just trying to help his fellow man. you know, it's actually an interesting pr departure from where they've been. dr. murray has been in virtual hiding. suddenly his pr people are saying, hey, cameras are welcomed in, we're putting him at his clinic. they put patients up today to speak with the media. they're changing his public image, trying to. the american music awards were certainly a night to
2:46 pm
remember, maybe. janet jackson paid tribute to her late brother michael. king of pop actually won four posthumous awards. but the big shocker in last night's show -- ♪ there's no way to ring the alarm ♪ ♪ so hold on till it's over >> not that shocked, i've got to be honest with you. adam lambert offered a sexually provocative number for your entertainment. the biggest flop was -- well, a real fall. >> ow. and here it is again in slow-mo. >> as if you didn't get enough. >> her song louboutin, named for those pricey pumps. maybe she could have been doing better if she was wearing them
2:47 pm
instead of those -- what are those boots? i can't see. there it is american music awards last night. forget superheroes that come from bats and spiders, vampires and werewolves the new box office draw these days. >> get back now. >> bella! >> "new moon" earned $131 million in north american ticket sales this weekend, more than double the first movie. julia boar stin is in los angeles now -- i mean, this is amazing, especially considering there are no huge movie stars, at least they weren't huge before these movies came out. >> that's absolutely right. the star here is the twilight brand. tons of teens were lined up screaming.
2:48 pm
that broke the records for about biggest number for midnight screening. bigger than "dark knight." this is the third biggest opening weekend of all time. the biggest was "the dark knight." the second biggest "spider-man 3," $151 million. "twilight" comes in at number three at $140 million. this brand, who was unfamiliar to a lot of us just a year ago when that movie came out, the first movie came out, is now this huge monster brand that's competing with the likes of batman and spider-man. >> julia, thank you. susan boyle's heading for a blockbuster bonanza of her own. her new cd, "i dreamed a dream" has become the largest global preorder in the history of the online retailer. here is boyle this morning on the "today" show ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ ♪ when hope was high and life
2:49 pm
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okay. lindsey? i wish you didn't smoke weed. you're not the same when you smoke. and i miss my friends. >> teens have been hearing for years just say no. but now some doctors in california are saying yes to prescribing medical marijuana to teens to treat psychiatric disorders, including attention deficit, adhd, and even if they're following the letter of the law, which does allow them to prescribe marijuana for any illness for which marijuana pries relief, doesn't mean everybody's happy with this. lester greenspoon is professor emeritus at harvard. is there an indication that marijuana could help teenagers
2:53 pm
who suffer from adhd? >> yes. there is quite a bit of anecdotal evidence that it is a very useful drug for this purpose. very often more useful than the drugs they usually get like ritalin. >> and there is some indication, isn't there, that ritalin, for instance, is subject to drug abuse the same way that marijuana or even other harsher street drugs could be? >> well, i think there is evidence that ritalin can and is used for abusive purposes. and that is one of the reasons, frankly, that i think that people might want to consider using cannabis for the treatment of this disorder. because cannabis is -- it can be abused, but it's much more difficult to abuse than ritalin,
2:54 pm
which is an amphetamine derivative. >> lester, is there a way to get cannabis, to get thc, which is the active ingredient in marijuana, without actually smoking it the way that we typically think of? >> yes, there is. in 1985 a new drug was developed called nabolone. it is not really new. it's a synthetic version of the same thc, which is found in herbal marijuana. the same structure. however, the critical -- the anecdotal clinical evidence indicates overwhelmingly that people do not find it as useful as smoking whole marijuana, which seems to be the gold standard for the way to take the drug. >> and do you see any down side to prescribing marijuana for teenagers? >> well, i am against the idea
2:55 pm
that young people, including teenagers, new use marijuana, not because of any inherent psycho pharmacological property in the drug itself but rather because these brains are not yet fully developed and youngsters don't have the judgment and wisdom, maturity that they need to do, like many other things, driving. i mean, it isn't going to poison them in any way. i think there are many reports throughout the history, the modern history of this drug that it's doing all sorts of brain damage and causing schizophrenia and that sort of thing. >> yeah. >> that's just not so. remarkably nontoxic drug. >> professor grinspoon, i appreciate you coming on and putting this into some scientific perspective. >> you're welcome. this is not actually ballroom dancing.
2:56 pm
it's the spray tan that gong along with it. the professionals and the celebrities like the way these all-over spray tans make ripped abs appear on bellies. tom delay even told "the wall street journal" he had been promised a spray-on six-pack if he wanted to open his shirt for the finale of "dancing with the stars." can i be the first to say six-pack or no, i'd prefer that that did not happen? just throwing that out there. that wraps up this hour for me. the hottest ticket in the nation's capital right now t first state dinner hosted by president obama and the first lady. the scoop on how michelle obama is making this chic event her own. special for lunch. how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination? or maybe our new savory shrimp jambalaya. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 at red lobster.
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